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Why can't I get my image to fit perfectly on the canvas I want to purchase?


Most of us have the ability to edit and crop our images the way we like them. This means your final image may end up with an arbitrary size due to cropping.

When uploading your image to our system, you are presented with an option to either zoom in or out. Our Canvas App constrains the proportions when re-sizing an image. This means you can't adjust the width of the image without adjusting the height. This functionality suits about 99.9% of our customers. But this can also mean you loose part of your image - especially important aspects on the edge of the canvas. 

There are two solutions around this. If you have a design package such as Adobe Elements or Adobe Photoshop, you can adjust the canvas size to match the product size you want to order. Please work in inches as this is what the printer uses.

The other solution is to order a "custom size" canvas - this can now be found under "select size and shape" when ordering. 

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