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Vouchers and Gift Certificates


Groupon Vouchers

Question: Help, my groupon voucher is not working.What can I do?

Answer: Please make sure you are entering the number correctly with no spaces.You need to enter the voucher code, not the security code. Please also check the expiration date. If your voucher has expired, please contact our support staff and we will gladly extend the expiration date. 

Question: Can I use multiple groupon vouchers in one order?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Why do I still have to pay shipping?

Answer: Our vouchers only cover the cost of the product. If your order is above $100 (Australian web site) shipping is free. 

Promotional codes

Question: I have two promotional codes. Can I use them both at the same time?

Answer: Unfortunately not. We suggest in this instance that you use the code that will give you the bigger discount.

Gift Certificates/Vouchers

Question : How do I use my gift voucher?

Answer: On the secure checkout screen you will be able to enter your voucher. Please copy and paste it as this will ensure it works first time!

Question: I have received a gift certificate and it does not work! What can I do?

Answer: Please copy and paste your code when applying it in the checkout screen. This resolves most issues. Please also ensure there are not spaces when entering the code. If you are still having problems, please contact our support team to assist you. 

Question: Can I use multiple gift certificates on a single order?

Answer: Yes you can!

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