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Dark images - why they don't print well


Digital photography and computers are an amazing invention. As technology improves, our expectation on what is possible grows with it! 

Sometimes though, we ask technology to do things that are just not possible!

Below is an image of a photo that is just plain ...BAD! The camera has reduced exposure to compensate for a bright sky, making darker areas of the image even darker

If we were to print this image onto canvas or any other material, the result would be a dull, dark result. Computer monitors trick us - images viewed on a monitor are shown on a backlit screen, which can make dark images look presentable, but this will not mean they will print nicely.

Using a flash would have helped in the image below



If you really want to use a dark image, you will need to lighten it significantly if you wish to print it out onto a medium

Below is the same image, significantly lightened


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