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Canvas Product Information


1. How are your frames constructed?

The construction of our frames vary depending on the delivery location chosen.

For Australian based deliveries our frames are made from kiln dried timber with a depth of 3cm. In order to prevent indentation of the edge of the frame onto the canvas, our frames are constructed with a raised lip, which solves the potential problem nicely

2. What kind of canvas do you use? 

Please contact our help desk for further information as our canvas material differs slightly depending on the country you wish to have your product delivered to. 

3. Will my product be ready to hang?

Yes! All canvas, Metal and Acrylic products are shipped with a hanging system. All you will need is a hook on the wall to hang your item off. 

4. Do I have wrapping options? 

Of course! We can offer the wrapping that you prefer, including Gallery Wrap (the sides of the frame as a continuation of the image), Solid Colour Wrap (the sides are a solid colour of your choice), and Mirror Wrap (the sides are a mirror of your image). If you have specific wrapping requirements, contact us to discuss it! 



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