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Custom size canvas information


Do you offer custom sizes?

Yes, we do, but only in our Canvas range of products.

How do I find pricing for custom sizes?

Once you select "create a canvas" , select "canvas" as your preferred mounting, you will find custom sizes when you select size and shape

I can't enter a decimal place when ordering , is this correct?

Unfortunately our Canvas App does not support decimal places. Please round up your size to the nearest whole number.

Why are custom sized canvas more expensive than your standard sizes?

Standard size canvas are stretched over and stapled to the frame by a machine. This process is fast and automated.

Custom size canvas are more labour intensive. The printed canvas is stretched over the frame and stapled by hand. 

What is the largest size canvas I can order? 

The largest size that can be ordered is

Australian Deliveries - 200cm x 200cm canvas. 

New Zealand Deliveries - 125cm x 175cm canvas

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