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PRO Design Services


At Canvas Factory we know that customers like choice. With that in mind, we have decided to offer two different services to suit our diverse client base.

  PRO design PRO direct
Image resolution check tick.jpg red_cross.jpg
Brightness check tick.jpg red_cross.jpg
Contrast check tick.jpg red_cross.jpg
Basic colour balance check tick.jpg red_cross.jpg
Removal of red eye, dust specks, hair particles tick.jpg red_cross.jpg
Straighten, placement, crop tick.jpg red_cross.jpg
Logo placement (logo supplied by customer) tick.jpg red_cross.jpg
Convert from CMYK to sRGB tick.jpg red_cross.jpg
Convert from black and white to Greyscale for correct printing tick.jpg red_cross.jpg
ISO check  tick.jpg red_cross.jpg

Our PRO Direct service is suited to either Wholesalers or Professional Photographers who are comfortable with submitting professional "production ready" images. Images are moved into our Production queue 3 hours after an order is placed. 

Our PRO Design service is suited to any customers who need help with a little bit of editing to ensure a great result for their printed images

The following products are not offered under our PRO design service, and are moved directly into our Production queue via our PRO direct service. 

  • Photobooks
  • Mugs
  • Stubby holders


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