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Framed Photo Prints


1. What frames do you have available?

We have 2 x frames available as follows

Classic (wider frame) Modern (thinner frame)
mceclip0.png mceclip1.png

Frame width - 30mm

Frame height - 20mm

Frame width - 18mm

Frame height - 37mm


2. What frame colours are available?

  • Maple (lighter brown)
  • Walnut (darker brown)
  • Black
  • White

3. What are the frames made of?


4. What paper is used?

Alpha cellulose Archival art paper 200gsm

Please note the paper used for our prints is different to canvas. Therefore, we are unable to colour match across these two products.

5. What hanging mechanism is used?

A wire hanging cable with hanging clips is attached as per the below image


6. What material covers the print?

A thin sheet of clear Acrylic is used to protect the print. 


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